Wine Chocolate


Passionates ofthe wine and chocolate culture, the information that we have

absorbed overtime has made it possible, after a long and complex journey, to

marry two of ourgreatest pleasures in life.

After a longperiod of research and experiences, we are proud to present you

this unique andinnovative collection of “Wine Chocolate“, that will open your


mind and revealto you the intense aromas and fragrances of each variety of wine.

This collection, “Wine Chocolates” is packed in a 100% original Portuguese cork, which is not only a perfect package for a perfect gift but also an excellent way to preserve our chocolates by taking advantage of the corks’s thermal qualities.

Our sommeliers carefully select the finest wines in the world and determine its capacity to embody with our chocolate.

As it is with wines, our chocolates are also dated by year. This means that depending on the crop, every year, our chocolates are also different, making them as unique as your wine.



Enjoy all the unique aromas and textures of the worlds finest wine varieties.