Year of foundation: 1840
Tobacco Country:Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: La Corona

Created in 1840 by Manuel Lopez, this line takes its name from the popular character of Punch so widely seen in English puppetry in the 19th century. Todays lithographed boxes still show the comically-dressed Punch enjoying a cigar while his faithful pet stands by, questioning why he is wearing a rainbow-coloured collar. The cigars are quite popular, with the Punch Punch model the object of affection by many devoted followers. This full flavoured brand was made by Corujo y Cia. after 1859 and prior to nationalization , was owned by F. Palicio y Cia.

According to the Portuguese Law The sale of tobacco is prohibited to people under 18 years old, Law nº 37-2007.